School Results KS2 2018

Key Stage 2 - 2018
Our results for the 2018 Y6 year group were below National averages and expectations in all areas (please see comparisons below). 
Overall the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in Reading and Writing and Maths combined was 27% (4 out of 15 pupils). The National average was 64%. This is a statistically significant difference.
Progress scores for this group of pupils (from Y2 assessments) was 'average' for Writing (-0.7, confidence -3.6 to 2.2) and Reading (-0.1, confidence -3.1 to 2.9) but 'well below average' for maths (-3.9, confidence -6.6 to -1.2).
The school has had 'maths' at the forefront of School Development for the last 4 years. In addition, there have been significant changes with the development of effective middle leadership (including maths) and clarity over establishing quality teaching and learning. Moreover, ensuring the accuracy of assessment (particularly at Y2) has been fundamental in ensuring clarity over achievement and progress of our pupils. As a direct result of this work over the last 4 years, the current Y6 group (2018/19) are on track to meet National expectations based on their Y2 assessments (progress) and their current achievement.
2018 School Results
(Y6 group = 15 pupils, 1 pupil = 7%)

Reading (Egloskerry)

  • 53% achieved expected standard and above 
  • 7% achieved greater depth 
  • Average Scaled Score: 101
Spelling and Grammar (GPS) (Egloskerry)
  • 47% achieved expected standard and above
  • 7% achieved greater depth
  • Average Scaled Score: 98 
Writing (Egloskerry)
  • 47% achieved expected standard and above
  • 13% achieved greater depth

Maths (Egloskerry)

  • 33% achieved expected standard and above
  • 7% achieved a greater depth
  • Average Scaled Score: 97 
2018 National Results

Reading (National)

  • 75% achieved expected standard and above 
  • 28% achieved greater depth 
  • Average Scaled Score: 105
Spelling and Grammar (GPS) (National)
  • 77% achieved expected standard and above
  • 26% achieved greater depth
  • Average Scaled Score: 104 
Writing (National)
  • 78% achieved expected standard and above
  • 20% achieved greater depth

Maths (National)

  • 75% achieved expected standard and above
  • 24% achieved greater depth
  • Average Scaled Score: 104