Our Curriculum

At Egloskerry Primary School, all pupils will experience a broad and balanced curriculum.
We are a smaller school with mixed age classes, as such we need to have a mapped out curriculum strategy that ensures that all pupils build on prior knowledge and skills despite sometimes remaining in the same class or key stage year on year. A theme approach ensures that children develop into well-rounded learners via a carefully sequenced strategy. We have an EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Curriculum summary (see below). 
In addition, our MAT 'Great Teaching Habits' ensure that our curriculum strategy and pedagogy intertwine - focusing teachers and learners not just on what we teach but also how we teach our curriculum. See our 'Teaching and Learning' page for more information.
Curriculum Progression - Our Learning Journey
We love documenting our learning journeys; our books and displays around the school celebrate this. We also have Floor Books which are being developed for Foundation Subjects. 
What we teach, Why we teach it in this order and When!
Our long term Curriculum plans structure termly teaching and learning. We use 'Progression' documents alongside this to ensure robust pitch and clarity of the learner entitlement. Examples of these documents are provided below for Geography and Science.
The Egloskerry Curriculum