Launceston College

Our main Secondary feeder school is Launceston College. Please click on the image above for a link to their website.
We have close links to Launceston College to support pupils' transition and teaching and learning, e.g. PE events and competitions, subject teaching collaboration and events, 'gifted and talented' events.
Egloskerry Primary School joins the Launceston College MAT
On the 1st September 2017, Egloskerry Primary School converted to Academy status and joined the Launceston College MAT.  This is an incredibly exciting time for the school, our pupils and the staff team, and we look forward to sharing our expereinces with the wider community. Details of the original proposal and the process to join the MAT are given below. 
Proposal to Join Launceston College MAT

Staff and Governors at Egloskerry are pleased to announce a consultation on our future school status, following a vote by the Governing Body. Since January, there have been a variety of meetings between the leadership and management teams at Egloskerry and Launceston College to discuss Egloskerry Primary School joining the Launceston College MAT (Multi Academy Trust). This is an exciting opportunity for both schools to further develop their skills and expertise, in order to support pupils to achieve.

This decision has been made with the best interest of our current and future pupils at the heart of it. Being part of the same organisation as the secondary school, where the majority of our pupils transfer to in Y7, will support effective and meaningful transition. The proposed structure will be designed to further develop teaching and learning at Egloskerry, alongside the Launceston College MAT’s development into the Primary age range. This in turn will secure a long term, sustainable future for our village school whilst continuing to ensure the highest standards of educational experiences, teaching and learning for our pupils. The proposed date for conversion is 1st September 2017.
Information Event for parents/carers - Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Many thanks for the very positive turn out at our recent 'Information Event for Parents/Carers'.  Many thanks also to Asha Wilton (Class 1, Y2/3 teacher for Mrs Flashmans' maternity leave) and Lynsey Slater for also attending. If you were unable to come,  here are a few of the key questions and answers:
SENDCO: Mrs Louise Rash is our new SENDCO now that Mrs Dimmock has left - how will she know the expectations for primary pupils, and she won't be in school every day so who do we go to?
Among other roles, Mrs Rash is the SENDCO at Launceston College.
Mrs Rash will be aware of the expectations of pupils she is working with at Egloskerry. Launceston College will already have SEND pupils who are working at a Primary age range level. Whilst Mrs Rash will not be in school every day or week, she will be in close contact with Egloskerry's Leadership and Management team. All queries to do with the teaching, learning and progress of all children, including SEND, should always be directed to that child's class teacher in the first instance.
Curriculum & Planning: How will crossing the 'Key Stages' in our new classes affect the teaching and planning?
​The class structures from September have been decided on a range of factors: Reception numbers, other cohort numbers, needs of the pupils already at the school etc. Having EYFS/Y1 and Y2/3 together means that these teachers will be using​ different 'key stage' objectives to plan. Whilst this is a little extra work, we feel it is necessary in the best interests of the childrens' learning.
How will younger pupils benefit from joining a Secondary school?
Transition to secondary starts at a young age. We already have a really effective PE collaboration in place e.g. children as young as Y1 experience going to Launceston College for events. This builds familiarity with the College and immerses pupils in different experiences. This will be developed into different subject areas as our collaboration grows resulting in a richer and even more broad and balanced curriculum.
Will Egloskerry lose its' identity?
Egloskerry's vision and the values that it holds has been one of the key areas of success for the school in recent years. This forms the school's identity. The things that make Egloskerry Primary School special and such a lovely place to be will continue e.g. Forest Schools, Topic approach to learning, Goblin Project, Outdoor Learning etc. 
The Governing Body minutes prior to Autumn 2016 suggest that joining the Academy was not an option, now suddenly there has been a decision to join Launceston College Academy - why is this?
Prior to November 2016's Full Governing Body meeting other Academies had been explored in detail; each of which had not resulted in a decision to join them. This process was crucial for the school as it clarified our desired Academy choice - we wanted for our pupils and staff to be part of an  0-19 age Academy model; this left one option for us - Launceston College. Discussions between Egloskerry and Launceston College in the late Autumn/early Spring term concluded with a vote in February 2017 where the Egloskerry Full Governing Body unanimously voted to start the consultation process of joining Launceston College MAT.