COVID-19 Home Learning Contingency guide

Weds 18th March 2020
Teaching & Learning Home LearningContingency Plan for School Closure due to COVID-19
In the event of an extended period of school closure, we have put contingency arrangements for Home Learning in place. We are very conscious that households may be limited by volume of computer devices to number of children and adults at home working so as such we have split our teaching and learning contingency plan into activities that require paper, practical and online activities.
All children in school today have been sent home with a paper copy Home Learning Pack - these activities (and more) will also be placed on the Class Pages on our School Website/Drive for those pupils not in school today. Children will also be sent home today with blank and/or useful exercise books as this may help them organise their work. Pencils, rubbers, pens, rulers etc have been sent home to families we know are in need of additional support at this time. Children will also have a couple of reading books and teachers will signpost you to many free online reading sites. All of the home teaching and learning information will be added to our website on the Class Pages or Google Drive for any pupils not currently in school.


Today, all staff have spoken to their class about how they plan to continue to teach and support them whilst they are at home, reassuring them as needed.  Teachers have discussed how they will expect pupils to share their learning e.g. how to load work onto their Class Dojo portfolios/Google Drive. Teachers are more than happy to be contacted by parents/carers for clarity if required (see communication information below). Miss Wilton and Mr Chorlton have sent home paper copies of a 'How to use the Drive' document for parents/carers in Classes 2 and 3. This will also be on their class pages on the website for reference.


Guidance ​given to Teachers​ and staff​​ (for parent/carer information)​

We want to continue to deliver the fullest curriculum possible, so that ​pupils continue to get the opportunity to learn even if the school is closed. 

Our main form of communication with pupils and parents will be through Class Dojo​ and/or Google Drive​.​ ​

Each morning, ​teachers to ​post a daily update to greet pupils and set up daily learning tasks; spellings, English, maths and theme learning. Tasks should be:

  1. Based on prior learning rather than too much new learning. Bear​ing​ in mind pupils have significantly differing levels of ability, support and resources to complete distant learning independently.  Think – if they couldn’t do this in your classroom without your support, they are unlikely to be able to do this at home. This will be de-motivating for children and likely impact on engagement with distance learning. Recap, recall and practice already learnt things from this year.

  2. Set simple tasks with similar formats and expectations daily that children get used to doing and will be successful at.

  3. Share your expectations with the children and why you are asking them to complete the task.

  4. Be available for pupils to ask questions via Dojo/Drive to help them understand and to check their understanding.

  5. Keep online technology requirements simple

  6. Ensure not all learning is online based – children will have varying access to technology.

  7. Require a response from children so they can communicate with you – eg. Online challenge questions, quizzes (Google forms) , question of the day and ensure that you respond back

  8. Develop a regular pattern for learning times for you and the pupils if possible.

  9. ​And don't forget PRAISE​​ - Offer Dojo points for activities eg helping a younger sibling with their learnin​g

Daily expectations for pupils' learning ​is ​between 1-3 hours.

Encourage pupils through regular reminders to complete other more practical, family-based learning daily in addition to the ​work set by teachers – eg:

  • Board games: Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Ludo, etc

  • Puzzles

  • Art activities 

  • Write a letter to a missed friend or to an isolated neighbour/relative

  • STEM challenges 

  • Cooking

  • Physical activity – trampoline, walking the dog, yoga or Jumpstart Jonny


Communication - School / pupils and families:

  • This will be age appropriate. The main point of contact should be via either School DoJo (with parent help) and/or Google Drive/e-mail, where messages can be given and work set. 

  • Important messages to pupils and parents/carers will be via DoJo, Website Class Pages, and, as if another contingency is required, Facebook. 

Pupil specific:

  • Pupils should engage with activities as per their teacher guidance. 

    • EYFS & Class 1: Via DoJo and the school website Class Page

    • Class 2 & 3: Vvia Google Drive, DoJo and the school website (if required) 

  • We do not want to cause unnecessary stress to families who may have challenges around device capacity or internet access so are providing a range of paper, practical and online activities

  • Do your best – these are unusual circumstances, and there may be challenges if you do not always have access to a computer or internet enabled device. 

  • Be creative! If you can’t do exactly what your teachers set you, try to think about how you could explore or work on that topic in a different way. 

Parent/carer specific:

  • Check advice and updates on Class DoJo and the School Website (dedicated COVID-19 page set up for updates)

  • For queries directly related to teaching, contact the teachers via DoJo

  • For queries about access to online resources, contact the teachers via DoJo

  • For general queries, contact

  • If our DoJo App crashes, please retry intermittently. If the issue is urgent, teachers are available to be contacted via our School Facebook Page and/or by e-mailing 

Safeguarding and Family Support:

  • If whilst school is closed parents/carers have a safeguarding concern, please contact  the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) as normal (0300 1231 116). 

  • If you need urgent family support and help we have information on our Parents’ page of the website, in addition the Family Information Service is a useful go-to hub:

  • We are also here for you. Many of our pupils will struggle to understand the changes in their life and this will put a strain on our school community.  We are available for messages of support, questions or advice. This can be done via DoJo or 

​Although I know we will all do our best with regards to pupils’ learning, I urge our entire school community strongly to put yourselves and your families first and take good care of yourselves and others in our special village.​ I am only at the end of a phone for advice, support or just a chat. Feel free to contact me via DoJo in the first instance. With very best wishes, Emma Kerr