Class 1 (Y1 & Y2)

Welcome to Class 1! We are a Year 1 and 2 split class with a Key Stage 1 based classroom with 2 outdoor areas and inside role play. We believe that every child deserves an immersive, creative, engaging and stimulating education and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. We teach children to be strong and independent from a base of caring and secure relationships with staff and other children. Our learning environments, inside, outside and our wonderful cob shelters play a key role in supporting and extending the children's development and learning. We foster this by working cross-curricular at every opportunity, creating many links to literacy, numeracy and our especially our topic work. We capture the children’s imagination and interest by updating our role play areas and classroom with every topic we have that are often child-led. Children develop and learn in many different ways, including a range of kinesthetic, auditory and visual resources and displays helps the children to access their individual learning styles. Take a look through our photographs or our Facebook page to see the many wonderful role play areas, homework displays and working walls to see a small glimpse into Class 1 at Egloskerry Primary!
Class 1 Summer Term 2020/21 - Get Set,  Grow! (Grow Together)

Please click on the link below to see the Summer Term topic web below to see what we are up to in Class 1 this term!
This term our topic is 'Discovery' and in Class 1 we will be focussing on the polar regions in particular Antarctica and the Shackleton Expedition. See below for this terms topic web.

Week 12 - 6.7.20

Final week of home learning


Phonics and Literacy 


Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds

Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'





Reading - please have a go at completing the reading comprehension tasks below.

How to be a lion! 



A nice animated story for the children to listen to:


My special talent:

Can you think of what makes you special - complete the sheet below with all of your ideas! 


Can you practice your spellings and handwriting using the sheets below?




Measure Masters! Today we’re investigating length. Let’s warm up with a presentation reminding us how to measure with non-standard units. There are a few challenges to choose from. Both invite us to make a good guess first. Another word for this is to ‘estimate’. The first activity invites us to estimate, then measure length with small objects from around the home. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the same items to measure with, any small, regular sized objects will be fine. The second challenge is to estimate, then measure length in centimetres. Pick the challenge that suits you and have fun!










Use the Joe Wicks cards below to take part in an 8 minute workout each day!

Week 11 - 29.6.20


Phonics and Literacy


Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds

Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'


Can you have a go at reading the nonsense and real words? 

See resource below



Great Fire of London



Please use the powerpoint below to introduce the poetry topic.

Can you have a go at writing a poem about The Great Fire of London?


Numeracy - Measure/Capacity/Weight


Reception/Year 1 - To investigate and explore capacity and measure  

Have a look through the powerpoints to investigate and learn about measures and capacity. 

 Can you complete the quiz below?

Can you now complete the measure activity booklet?



Halloween Magical Potions - Classroom Ideas


Can you make potions using your knowledge of capacity?



DIY Faux Stained Glass - Genius - Bob Vila







Week 10 - 22.6.20


Challenge of the Week! 


Phonics and Literacy 


Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds

Continue to practice reading and writing 'tricky words'


Great Fire of London

Samuel Pepy!


We will be learning all about Samuel Pepy and his diary. Please watch the video and the powerpoint to find out lots of interesting information. 

Can you now create a fact file?


Now you have some more information on Samuel Pepy, can you write a section from his diary?


Please also have a go at the reading comprehension tasks attached. 


Numeracy - Place value 

Reception - To compare quantities

Year 1 -  To begin to find the total of a number and work out the difference

Year 2 -  To be able to find the total of a number and work out the difference


Section 1 – Find the Total

Please follow the video link below and then complete the activities.


Section 2 –Find the Difference

Please follow the video link below and then complete the activities.


A list of helpful websites: 





The human body 

This week we will be  looking at the skeleton of animals, including humans. Attached is the work that covers both. 

Can you use the pictures provided or create your own piece of work that relates to our senses. 

Here is the link for a video of a crab escaping from its shell (exoskeleton!)






Week 9 - 15.6.20

Challenge of the Week! 



Phonics and Literacy 

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds

Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'


Great Fire of London

Our topic over the next couple of weeks will be learning all about the Great Fire of London. Can you watch the video below to learn all about it. There is also a game for you to play.


Can you list some of the key facts about the Great Fire of London?


Imagine you are there...what can you smell, hear and see? Can you complete the sensory sheet with all your ideas.


Can you be a newspaper reported and write a brief article on the Great Fire of London

Use the writing frame below 


Please also have a look at the reading activities attached. 

 (See additional resources below)



Numeracy (Place value - Missing number sentences)


Reception - To learn number bonds to 10

Year 1 -  To investigate missing number sentences

Year 2 - To be able to complete missing number sentences 


I have attached a number bond activity for reception but please also see the practical activities below.

There is also a year 1 and 2 summer maths booklet attached with lots of different activities your child may enjoy. Please also see the missing number booklet for Year 2. 


Reception - the children may like to show their number bond knowledge in another way.

Spring Flower Math Activity | Flower math, Math crafts, Math ...

 allsaintsyear1 | Life and Learning | Page 3

(See additional resources below) 



Topic - Science/Art/History

 Please see a variety of different art ideas to choose from - indoor and outdoor. The document is attached as a PDF below if you would like to print.





Great fire of London

Can you recap all about your learning on the Great Fire of London and order the events.


Please use the cut and stick activity below. 


Week 8 - 7.6.20

Challenge of the Week! 

Shadow play: Place a toy on paper or card in a sunny spot. Draw around your toy’s shadow at different times of the day. Label the time on each drawing. Investigate and record what happens to the shape, position and size of the shadow over time. 


Phonics and Literacy 

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds

Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'


Spelling, punctuation and grammar

This week's focus will be on SPAG!


Please see the activity booklets below.


Funny bones

Can you write some sentences about what else could be in the dark, dark cellar?


In the dark, dark cellar lived…


 (See additional resources below)


Numeracy (Geometry - part 2 revision)


Reception - To begin to identify 2D and 3D shapes 

Year 1 - To begin to identify 2D and 3D shapes and their properties 

Year 2 - To consolidate the properties of 2D and 3D shapes 


 I have also attached a YEAR 2 SATS Arithmetic paper if the children wanted to have a go :). 


 Practical: Have you got any blocks or 3D shapes that you can build with? These may be small indoors or large shapes outdoors. Please take photos of your creations and share them! 

Wooden Projection Block Building 3d Stack Of Wood Building Blocks Of  Children 's Early Educational Toy - Buy 3d Building Block,Wood Educational  Toys Product on additional resources below)












Topic - Science/Art/History



Mr Chorlton will also be setting a science challenge so please check dojo stories! 



Family tree: Look through family photographs and create a family tree of the people in your close family. Add further photos or drawings of other family members, pets and family friends. Why are these people special to you? What activities do you do when you are together?



Special places: Find out about a special place, such as a building, bridge, monument, or public artwork near where you live or further afield in the UK. It could be in a city, town or in the middle of the countryside. Look carefully at pictures of the place, then make a model of it using construction bricks, craft supplies or recycled materials. 



Look carefully at your face in the mirror or the face of someone in your family. Recreate it as a drawing, painting, collage or sculpture. Remember to include the main features like eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hair. 



Target aim: Can you create your own target game and add in a point system so you can play with your family? 

Groovy moves: Choose a favourite song or piece of music and invent a new dance. Move high, low, from side to side, twirl, jump and keep to the beat. Practice your moves and teach it to someone in your household. 

Week 8 - 1.6.20

Challenge of the Week! 

 Can you make something special out of natural materials? This could link to our story this term ‘Funny bones’ or can be anything you wish! 


Phonics and Literacy 


Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds

Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'



This half term our focus is going to be on the story funnybones. Please see the PowerPoint attached for the story. This week will  be the immersion week where the children will be immersed in the text and begin to really understand the story.

Can you see if you can write a character description about a skeleton - using lots of different adjectives? Don’t tell a member in your family what you are describing and see if they can guess from your description! 

Maybe you could use the pictures from the story to sequence and order the story - or you could draw your own scenes.

Can you find all the nouns in the story? How many are there?!

Finally - can you create some speech for the characters using speech bubbles? What could they be saying? 

As we are in the final term I thought the children may like to take on a reading quiz. The children will need to read the text and then answer the questions. This is a great way to check your child is understanding what they are reading. Good luck!

 (See additional resources below)



Numeracy (Place Value)


Reception - To be able to count reliably to 20, order numbers and be able to identify one more of one less 

Year 1 - To identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations 

Year 2 - To identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations 

This week's learning is all about numbers and what makes up a number. 

Please look at this week's powerpoint attached below to introduce and recap on prior learning. 

Here is a great game on representing numbers in different ways:

Attached is a booklet to practice and apply these skills for each year group. Children can use any resources to represent a number - for example forks could represent the tens column and spoons could be the ones. So for the number 52 you would have 5 forks and 2 spoons! Can your parents work out the number from your representation? I would love to see some photos of what different representations you come up with! 



(See additional resources below)



Topic - Science/Art/PHSE

Science: This half term will have a science focus learning all about the human body. 

The objective this week is: To understand the purpose of a skeleton.

You can show this information in any way you like. You may want to draw a picture and label it, or you could use some natural resources to show your learning, maybe you could create a PowerPoint with your information or complete something on the computer?

Art: The focus this week is going to be on collage and textiles. 

As the weather has been amazing I’m sure many of you have been to the beach or are planning on going to the beach so maybe you could create a beach collage using all different materials?

You may want to do a collage from the story funnybones? I’m happy for you to choose whichever setting/picture you like - I can’t wait to see them! 



Please continue to have a go at the Joe Wicks workouts as these are great at getting your bodies moving! 

This half term the sport we are focusing on is cricket! Do you have a cricket set you can play with? If not all you need is a tennis ball to practice your catching and throwing!


Week 7 - 18.5.20

Challenge of the Week! (Health and well-being)


The weather is looking amazing this week which is perfect as this week would have been our health and well being week! 

So the only challenge this week is to do something that makes you happy! We would love to see what this is so please share. Feel free to use the template below or create your own.

If you complete this challenge you could go a step further and do something that would make somebody else happy! 


Phonics and Literacy 

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds
Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'

This week's literacy tasks has a reading focus - we would love to see what you are reading and how you are understanding the texts. 

Please pick your favourite book and write a book review using the template below or you can even create your own template!

 (See additional resources below)
Numeracy (Doubling/halving/Multiplication/Division)

Reception - To be able to double and halve numbers confidently 

Year 1 - To be able to multiply and divide a number using resources 

Year 2 - To be able to multiply and divide a number mentally 

On a walk can your child count in 2, 3, 5, 10s? Can you complete a timed times table challenge? Drawing on a ladybird template can your child make the ladybird symmetrical and then write the number sentence. 

Reception: A story to help explain halving

Year 1 and 2 : A great video to introduce multiplication
Lots of fantastic games for multiplication and division:
 Numeracy Ladybird; Counting, One more, One less, Doubling, Halving ...
(See additional resources below)
Topic - DT

Health and well-being week 

Can you create and design your own vehicle? This is the time to let your imaginations run wild and create any type of transport you would like for when we can travel again. Use the templates below for some ideas. 

INSANE FLYING ROCKET CAR! (GTA 5 Funny Moments) - YouTube


Can you make your own fruit salad and write a list of all the benefits of the different fruit and vegetables?


First aid! We were going to have some first aid training this week as a whole school. Could you have a go at learning some first aid?

How to place a baby or child into the recovery position | First ...

This may be understanding what to do with a burn? Or it could be putting a member of your family in the recovery position! 

We were also going to focus on our growth mindset. This is very important at this point in time - why not have a go at completing the sheet below thinking about what have you learnt/achieved during lock down? What are the first things you are going to do when things are back to normal? 

(See resources below)

SPORTS DAY! It would have been sports day this week on Wednesday so can you have a go at creating your own sports day?

You could have an egg and spoon race, see how far you can throw a ball, sprint and maybe even some hurdles! 

We were going to have a meditation session during our activity week so why not have a go?

The weather is meant to be fabulous this week - so I think lots of playing and learning outside is a must! Can you find 4 long sticks and then create a piece of art inside? 

Please can the children practice their tricky words for their spellings this week 
(see below) 

Week 6 - 11.5.20

Challenge of the Week! (Outdoor Learning)

As the weather is looking sunnier this week - let's do some Forest Activities! I'd love to see lots of different Outdoor Learning! Choose some ideas from the list below or make up your own!
- Build a den
- Roast some marshmallows (Make sure an adult is around!)
- Natural outdoor art with sticks and leaves
- Mini-beast hunt!
- Build a bug hotel
- Go on a Scavenger Hunt!


 (See additional resources below)

Phonics and Literacy (Bridey's Special Task!)

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds
Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'
This week, Bridey, our wonderful student that has been with us in class every Tuesday this year, has set you a special literacy task! She has missed you all very much, and can't wait to see the wonderful writing you produce! Have a look at the video posted on Class Dojo for your special Literacy task this week!
 (See additional resources below)
Numeracy (Money)
Reception - Recognise coins up to £2 and begin to use simple addition and subtraction using money
Year 1 - Recognise coins and notes and begin to use simple addition and subtraction using money
Year 2 - Recognise all coins and notes and solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction, including giving change
Create and set up your own shop! What does your shop sell? Toys? Food? Tools? Create tags displaying the items prices and invite members of the family to purchase some items! What if they buy 2 items or more? How can you work out how much money they need to give you? Year 2 children can begin to work out change by working out 'the difference' and using subtraction to help them! 
There are lots of games and worksheets online to help with money too, but it's always fun to create practical games using real coins and using money in context too!
(See additional resources below)
Topic - Art (Mrs Morgan's Whole School Challenge!)
This week, I'm setting a special Art Challenge for the whole school! Keep an eye out on Class Dojo tomorrow when the challenge will be released! I'll give you a little clue below!
Time yourself with a stopwatch sprinting! How quick can you run from one side of your garden to the other? Who is the quickest in your family? 
Who can do the most star jumps in your family in 1 minute? 
How many frog jumps can you do in 2 minutes? Is it more or less than your mum or dad?
Challenge yourself by finding out who is the fittest!
(See below)

Week 5 - 4.5.20

Challenge of the Week! (Music)

Can you create a musical instrument out of junk modelling items? Or perhaps invent a whole new musical instrument! Can you create a beat and add some words to compose a song? 


Phonics and Literacy (Non-fiction Writing)

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds
Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'
This week, we are linking our Literacy, Numeracy and Science learning together, and looking at cooking, baking, fractions, recipes/instructions and healthy eating!
Can you cook a healthy meal or bake a cheeky treat and encourage the children to write the recipe? We are looking at 'non-fiction' texts, and we looked closely at recipes for Chocolate Dinosaur Nests just before we began our home learning journey. 
As they have done this before, this should be fresh in their memory. Ask them questions to revise this, such as;
What is the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts? How can you tell?
What are time openers in recipes and instructions?
What are imperative verbs? (bossy words)
I'm looking forward to seeing some delicious food and stealing some recipes!
 (See additional resources below)
Numeracy (Fractions)
Reception - Recognise, find and name half of a shape or number
Year 1 - Recognise, find and name a half and a quarter of a shape or number
Year 2 - Recognise, find, name and write fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 2/4, 3/4 of a length, shape or number and write simple fractions e.g. 1/2 of 6 = 3 and recognise the equivalence of 2/4 and 1/2
Bake a cake or cut up a pizza. Can your child cut it in half? Quarters? Thirds?
Have a go at making some circles out of playdough, can they describe how to work out the different fractions of shapes? Can they write the fraction? Fractions can be tricky, so learn by playing and experimenting. It may take them a little while to fully understand! Link back to time and 'half past' and 'quarter past'.
(See additional resources below) There are some really helpful activity booklets!
 FREE! - Pizza Fractions (teacher made)
Topic - Science (Healthy Eating)
Can your child help you in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal? Discuss that although we can have treats from time to time, it's important to eat healthy to look after your body and mental health.
Discuss the different food groups and what they do to help our bodies!
 (See additional resources below)
The weather is looking nicer this week - lets have some fun! In your garden or outside for your daily walk, can you create your own obstacle course? 
Be as creative as you can! Here are some ideas for different stations;
Sticks to jump over
Who can put on a pile of clothes the fastest?
Star jumps!
Run on the spot
Pine cones as bean bags and throw into a bucket
Plank of wood as a balance beam

Week 4 - 27.4.20

Challenge of the Week! (Art)

Can you find a leaf or flower outside, stick one half to some paper and draw the other half? You can use paint, crayon, pencil, chalk - anything you can find!



Phonics and Literacy (Reading Comprehension)

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds
Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'
This week, can there be a literacy focus on reading and reading comprehension. Read a book a day with your child, asking questions throughout, to develop their understanding of the text they are reading. 
The resources below are great for scaffolding what type of questions to ask and some print outs are available too to ensure all types of questions are being covered!
 (See additional resources below)
Numeracy (Geometry - 2D and 3D Shapes)
Go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt in your garden or around your house! How many 2D and 3D shapes can you find? Use the tally chart frame below!
Can you remember what vertices, edges, faces and corners are? See if you can teach your family! One step further; draw the shape and label them!
(See additional resources below)
Topic - History (Significant Individuals)
We are looking at significant historical individuals this week, with a focus on 'amazing women'! Are there any amazing women that have lived that you'd like to find out a little more about? Here are some ideas!
Dina-Asher Smith
Florence Nightingale 
Emmeline Pankhurst
Marie Curie
Rosa Parks
Or maybe there is one you want to find yourself! Can you create a fact file or a poster all about this famous woman in history?
The weather isn't looking quite so great this week - so perhaps you want to stay inside, relax your mind and body, and have a go at some yoga! Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube is great - lets have a mindful and relaxing week!
(See below)

Week 3 - 20.4.20

Challenge of the Week! (Numeracy)

How tall is everybody in your house? Use anything you like to measure them! Tape measure, hands, bricks etc. Who was the tallest? Who was the shortest? What was the difference between the tallest person and the shortest person?


Phonics and Literacy (Poetry)

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds
Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'
(See additional resources below)
Sit in your garden or outside on your walk and use your senses to write down what you can hear, see, smell, touch. Fill a page of adjectives describing things around you. 
Use these adjectives to create a Senses Poem. Use the example poems below to help you! Dojo's awarded to adjectives, alliteration, simile or onomatopoeia!
Numeracy (Statistics)
Create a simple pictogram and/or bar chart and answer questions about your data!
Ask members of your family what their favourite ice cream flavour is!
Collect your data in a tally chart, and plot into your own pictogram or bar chart!
Which flavour was the most popular?
Which flavour was the least popular?
What was the difference between the most popular and the least popular flavours?
(See additional resources below)
 Prep C Ice-Cream Pictograph | Welcome To Prep C's Blog!
Topic - Geography (Comparing Countries)
Pick any country in the world to research and create a fact file or poster!
Can you find out some similarities and differences between your country and the UK? Perhaps it's a country you have visited on holiday or one you have never heard of before!
(See resources below) 
Can you join in with a Joe Wicks workout this week and post a photo? 
(See below)
Class 1 Summer term 2019/20 - Going for Gold!

Below are activities, objectives and guidance for work to cover over the course of a week with your child at home. We understand that these are challenging times, so please do not put pressure on yourself to cover everything, and if your child's learning takes other routes and projects please explore and continue to share with me via Class Dojo on the portfolio section. Please feel free to manage the home learning time in a way that is suitable for you and your family.

I am contactable on ClassDojo throughout the day, so please feel free to message me if you have any questions or queries at all. Feel free to upload any of their completed work to their Class Dojo portfolios so I can celebrate their learning with them! 

Many thanks for your cooperation, feel free to contact me if you have any queries at all.

Mrs Morgan


Week 2 - 14.4.20

Challenge of the Week! (Writing)

Can you take a photo of you with your favourite toy, write a detailed sentence describing it and send it to me? 1x dojo for each adjective, 1x dojo for alliteration and 1x dojo for a simile!


Phonics and Literacy (Fiction)

Continue to Revise Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds
Continue to practise reading and writing 'tricky words'
Can you write a fictional story about your favourite toy? Does he come to life? Does he go on an adventure? Is he evil or good? 
(See additional resources below)

Numeracy (Time)

Year R - Tell the time to o'clock
Year 1 - Tell the time to o'clock and half past
Year 2 - Tell the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to
Can the children make their own clock?
Can they read the clock for you throughout the day?
(See additional resources below)
Topic - Science (Plants)
How many flowers and plants can you find on a walk outside? Can you identify any of them?
Naming parts of a plant (leaf, stem, roots, petal) What do the different parts do?
Can you grow your own plant?
(See resources below) 
Can you show me your favourite way to exercise? 
Do you enjoy walking, football, running, trampolining, dancing, tennis or perhaps something else?
(See below)
I hope you enjoy this weeks learning, if you need any additional resources, ideas or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via Class Dojo. 
I look forward to seeing all of your learning and adding it to our Home Learning Scrap Book! 
Mrs Morgan
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